NM 830

Innovation with scalability for growth

SPECT’s ability to reveal physiologic and metabolic change gives you a unique tool for diagnosing and treating patients. It’s this ability to make visible what could normally be invisible that enables true discovery in nuclear medicine. Whether you’re looking for your first nuclear medicine camera or you need one to handle overflow from your rising patient volume, our SPECT-only system is designed to grow with your practice with a lower initial investment.

NM/CT 850

NM/CT 850 is our most accessible SPECT/CT system. It combines the SPECT image quality and productivity enhancements of the 800 Series with the essential CT technology for providing that all-important layer of anatomical information, which you need specifically for localization and attenuation correction in SPECT imaging. It has the smallest footprint of all our 800 Series SPECT/CT systems and provides an easy upgrade path to diagnostic CT technology. With NM/CT 850, you don’t need the space for a high-end CT to ensure every SPECT image has the valuable perspective of CT.