Discovery IQ Gen 2

Discovery™ IQ is the most widely utilized and trusted PET/CT system amongst clinicians across the globe. It was designed and engineered to be a scalable, high-performance diagnostic system with the capabilities to produce exceptional image quality while using less dose. Most importantly, it was built on a platform intended to meet and exceed your clinical needs as they grow. To continue that momentum, we’re introducing Discovery IQ Gen 2. The next generation in PET/CT performance dedicated to improving your clinical outcomes, productivity and profitability.

Discovery MI DR


Molecular imaging is more than a tool for seeing within the human body. It allows the search for something greater, the search for a deeply hidden truth known as a true discovery. It’s the kind of discovery that is reproducible evidence of what is seen and often not seen.

The search for true discovery is ongoing. It starts with each new patient that walks through your doors. And you do everything you can to ensure you have the right knowledge and the right tools to make the discovery that will change the life of each patient for the better. We partnered with healthcare professionals like you to understand what you need from your instruments to meet today’s most challenging cases and what you need to grow your services while planning for future challenges.

It’s why we created Discovery™ MI DR. A premium PET/CT system with the added flexibility of a standalone diagnostic CT. It delivers the accurate, reproducible results referring physicians require and the added clinical versatility you need to expand your practice beyond FDG and oncology.

Our vision for the future of molecular imaging is all-digital, from the technology you use, to data collection, to processing software, all the way through to the applications you use to interpret and communicate information. Together, these fully digital components will give you the best possible insights to guide not just your clinical outcomes, but your financial and operational outcomes as well.

With Discovery MI DR, get ready to leverage deep learnings from digital software and analytics innovations. Get ready for potential future needs with a system that easily adapts to our digital PET detector. And most importantly, get ready for meaningful insights.

Discovery MI GEN 2

A new generation of the world’s first digital PET/CT platform.

Built with breakthrough digital PET technology, the latest in diagnostic CT and advanced quantitative software, Discovery™ MI was created to both accelerate your research and enhance your clinical work. Now, with Discovery MI Gen 2, we see an evolution of this incredible imaging technology. Not only is it built to reach an impressive 30 centimeters of coverage and paired with a diagnostic CT that allows deep-learning based image reconstruction, it was also thoughtfully developed to provide a more efficient technologist experience. Welcome to a new generation of digital PET/CT.